Sunday, March 21, 2010

tres el mes; enero

Sunday, March 21, 2010
let me see,,

i think i should begin with the first month of this year, January,
let me tell you briefly what happen,

nothing interesting for this month,

at the starting of January, i walk a lot though
I walked around selangor and kl searched for jobs,
I sent application to 7-E, Guardian and Petronas

one afternoon i received a call from Petronas,
and they asked me to come over for an interview,
the next day i went there for the interview and at that very moment the owner gave me the job,
for the next four day I've to go through a period of training
pump attending; ngv's and cashiering
after all, they put me under cashiering...

it was very fun and yet tiring,
this is the list of my friends i've met;

  1. Pn. Vijaya ; the owner of the petrol kiosk
  2. Mr. Raj ; Pn. Jaya's husband a.k.a CEO
  3. Pn. Jenny ; the very unmalay-chinesse manager
  4. Kak Zana ; the very chubby little cute assistant manager
  5. Kak Yani ; one of the trio; supervisor; the big-mouthed
  6. Kak Aishah; one of the trio; supervisor; the hey!-dont-give-me-that-look;
  7. Kak Mila ; one of the trio; supervisor; the hag;;haha
  8. Kak Sue ; big sistah; cashiering
  9. Hafiz ; the RMC's boy; cashiering
  10. Umar ; the most hilarious-fat guy; cashiering;
  11. Aunty ; we called her aunty(she's 50!!!); cleaning;
  12. Utam ; ermmm, bangladeshi; cleaning;
  13. Khalilul ; bangladeshi, one of my bestfriend there; cashiering(night only);
  14. Shahab ; pakistani, one of my bestfriend; guard(night only);


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