Friday, September 30, 2011

my average hiatus.

Friday, September 30, 2011 0
seems like i just had another hiatus. xD

it had been a month since Ramadhan left us, now Syawal just ended.
time really flew fast, no matter we did have fun or not.
I'm very looking forward for the next Ramadhan and Syawal.

The thing is, i just finished my 3rd semester in CFSIIUM yesterday, another one semester and then Gombak, here i come. Cant wait for my degree, really really.
The truth is, I was kinda of jealous seeing my friend pursuing their degree, but i realised my time will come soon.

As my 3rd sem ended, here come my holidays. 4 months, that's a long period isnt it.
I just had my walk-in interview just now, so next Tuesday im gonna be a trainee at Pizza Hut.
I also just started my workout today, lot of kgs need to be loss. I hope by the end of my holiday I'm gonna reached my ideal weight. heh.