Tuesday, December 13, 2011


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I've always wanted a new lens.
Since my sister took my Tamron lens, I dont have that much lens that I could use for casual photography.
Then, I worked as Pizza Hut crew. Just to get some money to buy a new lens.
Life ain't that easy man, there's no easy way of doing things.

Last 2 days, my mom just bought me a Sigma lens.
Sigma Multipurpose Lens 18-200mm F3.5-6.3
So, another new lens added to my collection.
This lens, almost the same compared to my (used to be) Tamron lens.
I'm planning on buying a wide lens and a fisheye lens.
Got to start saving up money from now if gonna get a grab on those two fellas.

These are some pictures of the lenses that I have.


Macro lens, one that I used for almost everything. This is one fun lens to play with.

75-300MM f/4.5-5.6

Zoom lens, the big fella. This lens are big and way too heavy, most of the time I left it in my room and I rarely use it. You sure need a tripod when using up this lens.

AF NIKKOR 28-85MM f/3.5-4.5
I dont know what kind of lens is this. But it's kinda easy to take pictures with this lens. Too bad, there are some fungus inside the lens. Planning on bringing it to the Nikon center for services.

SIGMA 18-200MM f/3.5-6.3

Last but not least, new guy in the house. Sigma. Gonna enjoy taking pictures with this guy.


That day, while browsing through the pictures taken by me. I've found pictures during Ramadhan 2011. It was pictures of us and Wendy breaking fast together(its more like annual Ramadhan activity) at Bangkok House or House of Bangkok in Petaling Jaya.

For your information, I'm not a die-hard-fan of Thai's or Siamese food. But since my mom asked me to join her, so I've to.

The restaurant are located in PJ section 19 if im not mistaken. Somewhere near Toyota Service Centre.

The foods are so-so la. Not that bad, not that good either. (Said that I'm not fancy with Thai's and Siamese food).

Ibu and The Kids

Kerabu Sotong - One Of The Best

Otak Otak Pelita(?)

Green Curry

Kuih Talam(?)

Black Coffee, anyone?

These are the only foods that I managed to snap.
I didnt enjoy the food that much, except for Kerabu Sotong and the one that look like Kuih Pelita(Otak-Otak Pelita). But maybe for those who enjoy savoring Thailand's And Siamese delicacies might want to pay a visit someday.

Bangkok House Restaurant.


it had been a while since the last time I updated this blog.

lot of things going around.

One of it, I've quit my job, about 2-3 weeks ago. The thing is, my holiday gonna end soon. So I thought of enjoying it till the end.

Ok lah, 2 out of 3 month I've been working. Its not that easy folks. Honestly, for me, studying are way much better than working.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

life, the way it is.

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before you read through this post, just want to remind that this post is so random. have nothing to do with those whom I know or those that I dont know.

oh and by the way, i wrote this based on what I saw and what I think it is.

19 years living, I've seen many things about life, and I believe some of you had seen much more.

I've seen those rich people indulged in luxuries, and I've also seen the poor struggling for life.
Rich peoples becomes richer, and the poor becoming poorer.

Is this how life suppose to be? Is it unfair?
That's what you need to figure it out by yourself, how you define "fair" and how you define "life" are not gonna be the same as how i define "fair" and how i define "life".

Some said that money ain't going to give you happiness, all I can say is, BULLSHIT!
Money makes the world go round. That's the reality.
Nowadays, you need money for every aspect of life. Water, food, clothes, you name it, all of those need money. You even need to pay if you want to pee. 

I've seen peoples struggling for their life, or should I say, struggling for money
Hoping that one day they could change their lifestyle.
How one can change their life? Obviously, through proper education. And what is it takes to get a proper education? MONEY!
You need money to buy books,
You need money to buy stationaries
You need money to buy uniform,
You need money for everything!
Dont be amuse if you found out that those who can score well in exam are those who came from rich families, you know what's their secret? MONEY!
They were sent to expensive kindergarten since they were a kid.
They were given enough money to buy all those necessities.
They even have their own private tutor.
They got their proper education!
How about those who cant afford all of these? Blaming the world for making it's all about money?

Though I said that its all about money, I believe that there's something greater than the power of money. Its the power of will!
The will to success.
The will to earn money.
The will to make a better life.
The will to change everything.
If you have the will, then you can do it. 

Poor and Rich are not excuses and reasons. The thing is, we can if we want to, just believe and never lose hope in yourself.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


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The 4th day of working,
There's no such thing as easy work in this world,
To earn money, you have to earn the hard way.

Working is tiring me out, I'm lying if I said I'm not tired at all.
But when you have some fun time working with peoples around you, damn, time really flew fast.
Haha, especially when there's eyecandy among them. :)

So far, my task as a bartender was preparing the beverages, washing the glasses, and brewing the soup.
All I can say about my work, so kacang ar...haha
The best part of preparing the beverages is that I can do some little bit extra for me, so every order I can get to taste some of it.
Pepsi, 7up, MountainDew, Revive, Twister, Fresh Milk, all of this I can drink as much as I want.

Every night, they will make Staff Meal for each and every staff, they can eat at the restaurant or they can take away back to home. Most of the time, I brought back to home, for my little sisters. 

It really fun working there, plus the salary are big enough for me. I'm looking forward to my first payday! I even started to create the Shopping List. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


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2nd day of working.
Yesterday was quite busy, more customers came.
There's a moment where I was like, "WTF! I haven't finished these orders and yet another one coming".
Well, that's the fact, since I'm the only one who managed the beverages and I'm quite new, It's quite chaotic. Luckily some of them gave me a hand on handling those beverages.
One things when there's lot of orders need to be done is, you dont even realize that time flew faster. Yeah, that's the thing that I like the most.

Can't wait for another hectic day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

my A list

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how do you organize your phone book?
do you categorize contact according to mutual study place?  workplace? or maybe even categorize them into your A-list.

I just want to talk about the A-list. I've been categorize peoples into the A-List.
Those people that are in my A-list, are those who are important to me, that I contact mostly. They can be friends or family.

These are my A-list.

A Abah
A AIbu
A Atok
A Ayah
A Azrin
A Hizatul
A Home
A Ibu Celcom
A Madam Fouziah
A My Number
A Nq
A Syazwan
A Tasha
A Zieha

now, what's your A-List?


Yesterday was the first day I'm working at Pizza Hut. Supposely, they asked me to come in last Monday, but since I just started my holiday so I asked them to postpone it until yesterday, because there's just so many things to be done.

When they asked me, which part do you want to work in, services or kitchen. Obviously my answer will be kitchen, haha. I just want to learn how they baked all those things. But since the kitchen already got 5 peoples, so they assigned me to the bar. Peoples, don't get the wrong idea. Bar is a place where the beverages are prepared, of course in Pizza, non-alcoholic beverages will be served.

Working as a bartender is not that hard, but its quite boring when there's no beverages to be prepared. But, all is well. They said it's usual on Monday less people came to Pizza.

About the colleagues, all of them are friendly, I just need to get to know them better.

About the pay, its quite OK. RM4 per hour up to 8 hour. If more than 8 hour, then it will be considered as overtime and the pay is RM7-RM8 per hour.
Let me do some basic math ;

Since I started working on Monday(10/10/2011) so working day for this month will be 22 days.

My working hour will be 12hour per day.
Basic working hour        ; 8hour x RM4 x 22days =  RM704
Overtime working hour ; 4hour x RM7 x 22days =  RM616

So roughly I will get around RM1.3K this month, if I'm working 31 days a month, maybe I'll get more.

I just hope that all gonna be OK.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

amateur lens

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All this while, I have been craving to create a blog, just for my hobby ; photography, with my own customize templates.

Last sunday I managed to create a blog, just like I have always wanted.
the template I took originally from one website and then i customize what I want and what I dont want from the template.

I hope this new blog aren't going to undergo a lot of "hiatus" status, same goes to this blog. this new blog is where i will post all my works, pictures of course.

Just hoping that i have a lot of subject to be taken with my Nikon. So guys, check out my new blog.  


Friday, September 30, 2011

my average hiatus.

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seems like i just had another hiatus. xD

it had been a month since Ramadhan left us, now Syawal just ended.
time really flew fast, no matter we did have fun or not.
I'm very looking forward for the next Ramadhan and Syawal.

The thing is, i just finished my 3rd semester in CFSIIUM yesterday, another one semester and then Gombak, here i come. Cant wait for my degree, really really.
The truth is, I was kinda of jealous seeing my friend pursuing their degree, but i realised my time will come soon.

As my 3rd sem ended, here come my holidays. 4 months, that's a long period isnt it.
I just had my walk-in interview just now, so next Tuesday im gonna be a trainee at Pizza Hut.
I also just started my workout today, lot of kgs need to be loss. I hope by the end of my holiday I'm gonna reached my ideal weight. heh.

Friday, July 1, 2011

littleyumyum - part 2

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so as promised, these are some of the pictures that i manage to grab from my mom's camera ;

sambal udang petai - the temptation are so irresistible

kerabu manga - my mom's favorite

sweet and sour.
ikan apa pun aku tak tau

im not even sure what's this, main bedal je - sort of tofu kot, haha.

fresh orange

lai chi kang.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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last 17th was my mom 45th birthday,
yeah, the fact she's becoming older is an undeniable fact.
but, no matter how old she is we still love her so much.

regarding the tittle of the blog, the little yum yum,
we had her 45th celebration there,
it was awesome, we enjoy the food there. all of it.

the little yum yum,
though located in kota damansara, its quite secluded, not the area but the shop.trust me, we wouldn't find it without the help of the gps

this shop offered visitors various fusion of thai, chinesse, nyonya and malay foods.
i found all the delicacies are scrumptious and delectable.
im not sure about the price, since my mom's friend paid for it. but i think the price are quite reasonable for all the food that you can get here.
for those who enjoy savoring this kind of food, you might want to pay a visit someday.

some information about the restaurant ;

Little Yum Yum Restaurant
E-45-G, Jalan Teknologi 3/9,
Bistari “DE” Kota, PJU 5,
Kota Damansara,
47810 PJ,
Tues – Sun : 11:30 am – 3:00 pm, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Email: terrichewsf@yahoo.com/ danshuekit@yahoo.com
Phone: 013-3239366/ 019-7749366

p/s - later on, i will upload some of the food that i manage to captured. too bad most of the food's picture are in my mom's camera

Monday, June 27, 2011


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few days ago, one of my friend ask me whether im into photography or not?
well, hell yeah. i am into photography. soooo muchhhh

it had been since I was form 5. my mom is one of the main factor i am so into photography, she's even supporting me becoming a part time photographer. which its quite impossible with my current skill xD

recently, my mom just gave me her Nikon D80. which make me even becoming more addicted to photography. thanks ibu, lysm

im still new with this photography things, still an amateur. i hope that one day i can manage to own a photography team that can handle big function. still a dream though

i've also included some of my artwork, which im satisfied with it

my niece - miss her so much right now

perfect two <3

my niece - nurjannah

my lovely grandma - atok

i miss the moment when we were together

as i mentioned before, im still an amateur, so gambar2 ni tak berapa nak lawa ar. still need a lot of improvisation.

last word from me, to those yang kat luar sana who shares the same passion, feel free to share your artwork with me and capture every beautiful moment of your life, it might be your last time seeing it.


it took me like three weeks to get this blog updated, again! -.-

nothing's up actually, the usual, got no time idea for my blog.

just so you know, my 2nd year at this bullshit CFS has already started.
andd here another not so hectic life at CFS, pfttt

i know, some of you might even saying ; lama gilaa budak ni buat foundation, or like hahaha, serve you right boy. heh, like igadf about it. xD

yeah the truth is, i've got this sem and another one sem to go. lama gila kan? apa nak buat, nasib badan.
i wish that i can finish it up by this sem, but i cant, so what can i do except for just go with the flow.

so, i guess that's it all, my second post of the year. :3

Monday, May 30, 2011


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it had been like almost half a year since the last time my blog was updated.
the things is, i was lazy, busy and got no idea for my blog for the past 5 month.

without even realizing it, im going to enter my 2nd year at CFSIIUM. i have no idea how many SEM left for me before going to main campus, guess ill just follow the tide. penatnyaa belajarrrr xD

my first sem was like -------------- and my 2nd and 3rd sem are like --------------
oklahh kot - thats all i can say.

so, guess this will do it, my first entry for 2011.
im myself looking forward for my next entry xD