Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010 0

the log ; reminisce

fuhh, its almost 4 months since the last time i updated my blog,
pretty busy man i am nowadays, :D
i don't know, but the mood of writing something is not there for these past few months,
the new life kept me busy running around.

so, 4 months had passed, fast isn't it?
lot of thing occurred over this few months
and I don't have the feeling of telling it right now.

the 27th day of Ramadan, we're at the end, aren't we?
in a blink, the day went so fast, it's seems almost like yesterday I fast on the 1st day of Ramadan.

this holy month, make me reminisce something which I have never realized about it back then. it makes me reminisce of the spirit of being in Ramadan.

back then, when I was in my secondary school, the spirit is stupendous, I can say that.
I remembered the moment I try my best to skipped Tarawih and at the end get caught, haha, thanks to the warden of course .:D
I also remembered the moment me and my classmate about to break fast, pretty chaotic that time, I can say everyday, they were having a cat and dog fight, haha.
And the best part of having Ramadan back then is, the time where we can go back home, haha, I can never have this feeling anymore since every week my mom will come and fetch me.

seems like those feeling can never be the same eh? haha, fine, what is done is done.
may this Ramadan is not the best for me, I hope this can be the best for you(I know its kinda late for this kind of thing :D)

Happy Ramadan Al Mubarak . :D