Friday, October 15, 2010

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

the log ; redemption

Thursday, October 14, 2010 0

-.-'', it had ended isn't it?
after for like a month we had been fasting
then for like a month celebrating Eid ul-Fitr,
without even we realizing it, it had ended, both of them.
time really flew fast isn't it?

wish I could do something about it,
slowing the time or turn back time,
ha! time, its something beyond our imagination
and there's nothing mortal like us can do about it,
change it not even mend it.

as the time flew by,
my day in CFSIIUM also flew so fast.
I cant believe that I've been there for almost like 5 month
:and there goes my day, without me utilizing it as maximized as possible :'C
and now I'm having my final break for the first semester,
hell yeah!! my first semester has ended like 3 weeks ago,
i even lost count of my holiday.

on holiday eh? yet I'm still worried thinking about my semester 1 final exam,
which i think i did not perform that very well on it,
T-T , its my fault though,
I spend most of my times playing games and sleeping back in semester 1.
and now, I'm still waiting with patience for the result of my final exam,
I hope Fate and Luck can do something about it and turn the wheels over for me, :D.

but if it so that my result is not that good,
it will not kill my determination and depressed me,
as they said, there's always a silver lining behind every cloud
so i will just accept it as it is and use it as a stepping stone to achieve my dream.

i hope that, this coming semester will means a lot to me,
hope that i can redeem what I've lost in the first semester.

fear regret not failure :D