Monday, October 10, 2011


Monday, October 10, 2011
Yesterday was the first day I'm working at Pizza Hut. Supposely, they asked me to come in last Monday, but since I just started my holiday so I asked them to postpone it until yesterday, because there's just so many things to be done.

When they asked me, which part do you want to work in, services or kitchen. Obviously my answer will be kitchen, haha. I just want to learn how they baked all those things. But since the kitchen already got 5 peoples, so they assigned me to the bar. Peoples, don't get the wrong idea. Bar is a place where the beverages are prepared, of course in Pizza, non-alcoholic beverages will be served.

Working as a bartender is not that hard, but its quite boring when there's no beverages to be prepared. But, all is well. They said it's usual on Monday less people came to Pizza.

About the colleagues, all of them are friendly, I just need to get to know them better.

About the pay, its quite OK. RM4 per hour up to 8 hour. If more than 8 hour, then it will be considered as overtime and the pay is RM7-RM8 per hour.
Let me do some basic math ;

Since I started working on Monday(10/10/2011) so working day for this month will be 22 days.

My working hour will be 12hour per day.
Basic working hour        ; 8hour x RM4 x 22days =  RM704
Overtime working hour ; 4hour x RM7 x 22days =  RM616

So roughly I will get around RM1.3K this month, if I'm working 31 days a month, maybe I'll get more.

I just hope that all gonna be OK.


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