Wednesday, November 2, 2011

life, the way it is.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
before you read through this post, just want to remind that this post is so random. have nothing to do with those whom I know or those that I dont know.

oh and by the way, i wrote this based on what I saw and what I think it is.

19 years living, I've seen many things about life, and I believe some of you had seen much more.

I've seen those rich people indulged in luxuries, and I've also seen the poor struggling for life.
Rich peoples becomes richer, and the poor becoming poorer.

Is this how life suppose to be? Is it unfair?
That's what you need to figure it out by yourself, how you define "fair" and how you define "life" are not gonna be the same as how i define "fair" and how i define "life".

Some said that money ain't going to give you happiness, all I can say is, BULLSHIT!
Money makes the world go round. That's the reality.
Nowadays, you need money for every aspect of life. Water, food, clothes, you name it, all of those need money. You even need to pay if you want to pee. 

I've seen peoples struggling for their life, or should I say, struggling for money
Hoping that one day they could change their lifestyle.
How one can change their life? Obviously, through proper education. And what is it takes to get a proper education? MONEY!
You need money to buy books,
You need money to buy stationaries
You need money to buy uniform,
You need money for everything!
Dont be amuse if you found out that those who can score well in exam are those who came from rich families, you know what's their secret? MONEY!
They were sent to expensive kindergarten since they were a kid.
They were given enough money to buy all those necessities.
They even have their own private tutor.
They got their proper education!
How about those who cant afford all of these? Blaming the world for making it's all about money?

Though I said that its all about money, I believe that there's something greater than the power of money. Its the power of will!
The will to success.
The will to earn money.
The will to make a better life.
The will to change everything.
If you have the will, then you can do it. 

Poor and Rich are not excuses and reasons. The thing is, we can if we want to, just believe and never lose hope in yourself.


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