Friday, May 28, 2010

a revolution yet an evolution

Friday, May 28, 2010
CFSIIUM or what they called as Center for Foundation Studies International Islamic University Malaysia. Well, actually this is the place where i have to spend another 1 and a half year studying foundation for engineering. When the results were out on the first of May or so, me and my mom were quiet shocked and frustrated. She's hoping for me to get UiTM or so, and I was like; huh!!!, UIA????.

Last Friday (21st May 2010), I went through the registration process; it's quiet hot and chaotic that day - luckily I'm well prepared, so, not much into problems. Mahallah Abu-Bakar or what the senior called as ABC, stand for Abu Bakar College is where my room located at. Luckily, i was located at the first floor, no much worrying about losing my fat..=)).

So, the orientation week a.k.a Ta'ruf week went smoothly, the only problems that i faced is I only brought only a piece of white shirt - well, i thought that I can wear others colored shirt but the fact is;ONLY WHITE COLORED SHIRT ARE ALLOWED DURING TA'RUF WEEK. So, i had to washed it 3x during the ta'ruf week.

By the end of the orientation week, I get pumped up - knowing that we're going to start the academy session soon. To be frank, my brain need some work out; it's kinda freezing inside there. What i hoped from CFSIIUM is; I can perform my very best here and proof to everyone that I CAN DO IT IF I WANT TO DO SO. Another things is i also realised that UiTM is not meant for me, and IIUM is where my destiny lies. So, farewell UiTM and say hello to CESIUM.

so, folks, hope u entertained!! and wish me all the best.


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