Monday, June 28, 2010

the log; rebirth

Monday, June 28, 2010
it had been almost a month since the first day i registered here,

it had been so good here since then.
friends, life, routine, everything revolves around me is becoming better,
and I'm thankful to Allah for that.

since I started the new life at the new place,
I discovered something - I have to be a new ME.
it means that I have to change, totally change.
as the saying goes, turn over a new leaf.

so, I've figured it out and decided that I have to undergoes the process of rebirth,
rebirth, or so-called by me. sounds exciting isn't it?
so, everything's started again from zero.

and I found that, this rebirth process is very effective.
and I like the new ME.
it's not like ME becoming a hypocrite or so.
it is just I'd discovered a counter part of me, somewhere hidden lies beneath my self.
I should have done it before, but there's no use to crying over a spilled milk.

maybe, most of u criticized ME for not being myself and hypocrite.
as I've mentioned before, this is not ME-being-hypocrite or myself.
well if you do, I don't give a damn fucking care about it and if u don't, well, thanks.

everything's in this world change, time change, tide change it course,
and so does human. So, as a human living in a community, we have to change ourselves so that we can blend in with the community.
I'm tired of becoming the old ME, and this is my choice.
back then, when I'd reunion with my primary school's friend,
I asked myself and wondering - why these peoples look very different, there's something about them that I cannot find myself knowing them.
Now, I knew why.

I hope that this is the best for ME.


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