Monday, June 27, 2011


Monday, June 27, 2011
few days ago, one of my friend ask me whether im into photography or not?
well, hell yeah. i am into photography. soooo muchhhh

it had been since I was form 5. my mom is one of the main factor i am so into photography, she's even supporting me becoming a part time photographer. which its quite impossible with my current skill xD

recently, my mom just gave me her Nikon D80. which make me even becoming more addicted to photography. thanks ibu, lysm

im still new with this photography things, still an amateur. i hope that one day i can manage to own a photography team that can handle big function. still a dream though

i've also included some of my artwork, which im satisfied with it

my niece - miss her so much right now

perfect two <3

my niece - nurjannah

my lovely grandma - atok

i miss the moment when we were together

as i mentioned before, im still an amateur, so gambar2 ni tak berapa nak lawa ar. still need a lot of improvisation.

last word from me, to those yang kat luar sana who shares the same passion, feel free to share your artwork with me and capture every beautiful moment of your life, it might be your last time seeing it.


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