Monday, June 27, 2011


Monday, June 27, 2011
it took me like three weeks to get this blog updated, again! -.-

nothing's up actually, the usual, got no time idea for my blog.

just so you know, my 2nd year at this bullshit CFS has already started.
andd here another not so hectic life at CFS, pfttt

i know, some of you might even saying ; lama gilaa budak ni buat foundation, or like hahaha, serve you right boy. heh, like igadf about it. xD

yeah the truth is, i've got this sem and another one sem to go. lama gila kan? apa nak buat, nasib badan.
i wish that i can finish it up by this sem, but i cant, so what can i do except for just go with the flow.

so, i guess that's it all, my second post of the year. :3


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